Pi Space
NFT Generative Art Project


Pi-Space is a collection of 314 unique pieces of generative art. The collection is 100% created on, and stored on, the Ethereum blockchain. The collection is created by its minters.

Each Pi-Space is made up of between 15 and 23 overlapping circles whose attributes are determined by the wallet address of the minter.

Stored within each unique piece is an animation sequence that could last as long as 11 hours!

The only way to know what yours will look like is to mint it — you need 0.0314 ETH + gas in your wallet.

You can mint here on this page, or directly from the verified contract on Etherscan here: 0x6DC59c69110922dEb64062AF7ad7B845F2B727c9

No roadmap. No community. Just art and code.

So, what are you waiting for? Mint it, stare at it, relax.

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Minted: ? / 314 Cost: 0.0314 ETH